Me in a Nutshell

Back in the day I was always that nutty girl who carried a camera everywhere. Starting first with neighborhood friends taking photos of gosh knows what (oh wait..yes..sunsets, clouds and my amazing "posed" portrait shots of us using sheets hung up in our halls for backdrops!) to my school classrooms and field trips. I should have guessed growing up that I would end up wanting to be a photographer.

I've always wanted to capture those special moments for everyone and of everyone (seriously.. ask the neighborhood) and see the beauty in the most unexpected places and the amazing people we are. It's true - travel anywhere, at any time with a photographer and I guarantee they will be brainstorming and seeing exactly how they want to take a shot. (If you find me without my camera - trust me I am agonizing wishing that I had it!) 

 That is me. Whether it still be the magical nature that surrounds us, staging those important memories or finding those candids that turn into the most interesting stories. I want to do this for you - making sure that you have that moment with family and friends that will last a lifetime. Life is a journey so let's make sure we treasure those times, allow those memories stop in place and have a chance to look back at forever.